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1. How do I qualify for this promotion?
All new home subscribers will be eligible.

2. What are the Terms & Conditions?
    -   Eligible for new home subscription for a minimum of 12 months.
    -   An administrative fee of $100 will be imposed for early cancellation.
    -   Subscription rate and delivery fee are subjected to change without prior notice.

3. What do I need to know about local delivery?


Newspaper Subscription

Magazine Subscription

Commencement of publication

Allow at least 5 working days upon subscription.

Allow 6 – 8 weeks upon subscription.

Mode of delivery

Newspaper will be sent by our vendor to your mailing address before 7.30am.

Magazine will be posted to your mailing address 2 -3 days after newsstand’s release.

Delivery fee

  • Subscription rate excludes delivery fee.
  • Monthly delivery fee is dependent on property type; HDB (S$3), Private apartment (S$4) and Landed property (S$5)
  • Delivery fee is based on per residential address, regardless of the number of publications you subscribe to.

Not applicable.

More information on my subscription.

4a. How do I know if my online subscription is successful?
You will receive an email acknowledgement once your online payment has been processed.

4b. How do I know the commencement date for my subscription?
You will receive our acknowledgement letter via post within 1 week from your online sign-up.

4c. Will I receive any reminder letter nearing the expiry date of my subscription?
You will receive our renewal letter via post, 6 weeks before your subscription expires.

4d. What happens if I need to go overseas?
Just let us know 5 working days in advance on your stop and resume dates (minimum 3 working days), and we can         do a temporary suspension of your subscription.

        Your subscription due date will be extended to the number of days for your temporary suspension.

4d. What happens if I need to change my delivery address?
Just let us know 5 working days in advance.

More information on my free gift.

5a. How do I know the redemption process for my free gift if I am entitled for it?
You will receive our gift redemption letter via post within 3 weeks from your online sign-up.

5b. Can I change my free gift after the confirmation of my online subscription?
        No, you will not be able to change your free gift.

5c. What happens if the free gift that I have chosen is out of stock?
Choice of gift is available while stocks only. SPH reserves the right to substitute that with any product of similar             value at its discretion.